iPrimus Help Centre iPhone Application

We’ve been working with the legends at iPrimus for a while now. One of our first campaigns was called ‘How Can We Help?’ where we asked their customers what improvements they wanted to see from the brand.

One of the most popular requests was for an iPhone application to allow customers to track their data usage. We knew we could put together a usage meter pretty easily but we wanted to do something different, something interesting and something helpful. And that’s where the iPrimus Help Centre came from.

It’s got a usage meter and it lets you press a button to have the call centre call you back. But what happens if you run out of broadband data? Well you can now play a retro game against the call centre. If you win they’ll give you a free gigabyte of data – hopefully enough to get you through the rest of the month.

Download the app from the iTunes store here.

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Client: Andrew Sims & Andy Lee @ iPrimus

Agency: Native Digital

Concept: Ned Dwyer & Tait Ischia

Strategy: Ned Dwyer

Creative Direction: Tait Ischia

Development: Tomas Spacek

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