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We send out an email called Native Insights regularly. It’s a collection of the best content from around the web that we’ve been reading about.

Today marks a minor milestone for Native Insights – we have just cracked 500 subscribers. This has all been organic growth from forwards and recommendations. We like to think that it’s a worthwhile read and the numbers seem to agree – Insights has an average open rate of 56% (though can be as high as 89%) and most people click on 5-6 links. Some impressive stats if we do say so ourselves.

We’ve recently given it a bit of a spruce up with a new design in keeping with the rest of this site.

This Native Insights is edition #136. We’ve been sending them out since 2009. You should really get on board and signup via the left hand column of this blog now.

Here are the links from last weeks Native Insights:

Above: 30 years of music industry change in one gif (US recordings adjusted for inflation, source).

People like watching gamers play games. Amazon buying Twitch for $1.1b. 

The neurochemistry of positive conversations.

Getting started on social media? Here are 50 expert tips.

Facebook have outlawed the Like-gate. As a way to grow page fans we’ve added Like-gates to just about every Facebook app we’ve ever built. Marketers shouldn’t worry too much though, apps we’ve launched without Like-gates have seen over 50% of potential new fans Like the page organically.

Perfect for your next music festival day out, new smartphone uses loud music to charge battery.

On the topic on music festivals, we recently launched the full 2014 Falls Festival site. We also used our Fan Bomb app to launch their lineup release, with 1.2 million Facebook users catching it in their news feeds via the app. Drop me an email to find out more. 

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